1955 Playing at Baird’s Rows


1955 Bairds Rows by Anthony Smith wmLets go back now to 1955. Pictured out the back of Baird’s Rows (Craighead Miners Rows) is little Pete Smith. The picture was shared by his brother Anthony Smith and the family lived in the raws themselves.

Whilst his father took the photo, Pete had made a slide out of crates and planks of wood, clearly enjoying himself and making his own entertainment. I look at this and wish kids today would return to playing outside and the simple pleasures of childhood.

Lets put down the gaming consoles for a moment for some fresh air and outside fun!

1955 Anthony Smith Bairds Rows wm

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Martin Smith I remember playing as a boy among debris!! Still got the scar on my hand when i fell of a roof!! Good times!!
Elizabeth O’Brien Neighbours complain when children r out playing. Doesnt matter what wee kids r doing theres always someone moaning. I unfortunately have a moany neighbour at either side. If the ball goes in a garden (which has no flowers just grass) the neighbour is shouting at the kids or coming to the door to say theres her ball in my garden again…

Theres 3 kids (inc twins) across the road from me and when I hear them giggling it makes me smile. Kids dont get chance to get out as much cos of the rubbish weather 😦

Sadie Dolan Brilliant Pics, x
Moira Macfarlane Happy days they were,,,,,
Robert Henderson I can remember playing up the Bing and playing in Russell’s farm getting chased by the farmer
Isabel Mcneily Do you which row, we lived in the middle one and I would have been four when this picture was taken. My maiden name was Clarkin
Billy Mckinlay Do u Have a Brother Wullie
Isabel Mcneily Yes,
But unfortunately he died young here in Canada. Did you know him
Anne Irvine Playing out in ALL weathers. Always finding something to amuse us. Never bored. Those were the best days. So sorry for today’s youngsters. Its all technology now

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