Thank you Crossbasket


   I was thrilled tonight when Crossbasket Castle placed another significant order for Blantyre Project books. Such interest in my books is sincerely appreciated and Crossbasket Castle, Blantyre’s finest building continues to directly support local Blantyre good causes in doing so. I’m forever astonished that such a relationship can exist where I get my research and history out to others and that a fundraising stream exists that’s put entirely back into helping Blantyre as a whole!! It’s a win-win for all.

   As always, every penny from the sale of Blantyre Project books is given to local and worthy charitable causes in Blantyre (at my discretion each month in a transparent manner). It’s already been a record month for sales of Blantyre Project books and its only the 17th of the month!

   I’ve been in contact today with this month’s chosen cause and as benefactor, I’ll be revealing later this week the Blantyre children’s organisation that will directly benefit. Thank you Crossbasket for your ongoing business and from the kindness of all other individuals who have purchased books this month. What an end to a great weekend!

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