1978 Blitz on Rats


alg-rat-eating-jpgWith so many buildings along Glasgow Road and adjoining roads derelict in 1978, a growing problem of vermin started to come to the forefront of residents attention.

The problem of rats for example was particularly bad at Craig Street and prompted residents there to lodge multiple complaints to Hamilton District Council. At a time before Asda, Craig Street continued on into where Asda Carpark is today and the rats were coming from a rubbish tip that had accumulated in that area.

During the first week in July ’78, the Council told residents not to panic and that the situation was under control. It was impossible to say what really caused the infestation, as there were many derelict buildings in the area.

Rat poison was put down, prompting later complaints of rotting rat corpses. It was just one more reason for the Council to get started on the demolition of Glasgow Road as quickly as possible.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Blantyre Project The rat problem vanished as soon as the boarded up houses in Craig Street were demolished. Pictured here in late 78 looking down from Congregation church towards Glasgow Road on land that would become asda carpark.

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Blantyre Project Alan some quality nice big hooses in that street knocked down too. very sad.
Alan Baird there were some lovely cottages just as you turned down off calder street , there was a wee sweet shop too , then a two story building i think , then the back of harpers garage at the bottom across the road at the bottom was an open space the i think it was a two story tennement running up towards the church
Blantyre Project Alan Baird Gibsons Sweet Shop.
Alan Baird and across the road at the bottom of the street was the cosy corner on one side and farrels the paint shop on the other
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Unfortunately it is still a problem in Springwell Crescent along with other areas of the scheme. Parks getting dumped in and overflowing bins never getting emptied

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