Foveran Housing – Not going ahead

IMG_3121You may recall a few weeks ago, I posted about a large privately owned field to the east of Crossbasket Castle, High Blantyre which was earmarked as a development site for private housing.

The controversial plan for housing in this natural beauty spot west of Greenhall and situated on the banks of the River Calder, I can exclusively reveal, WILL NOT be going ahead. There won’t be private houses built on this land after all.

This follows the confirmed announcement that Crossbasket Castle have now acquired the ‘Foveran’ field (pictured this week) adjacent to the castle and also the existing privately owned bungalow on it. Rather than having anybody build homes on it, the plan will be to open up Crossbasket Estate further by rejoining this field which was once and anciently part of Crossbasket anyway. Slowly and surely Crossbasket as it was is being pieced back together again.

Crossbasket owners kindly contacted me yesterday to tell me the news, permitting it to be exclusively revealed here.


Map: Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History
Photo: Blantyre Telegraph

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Maryon Allan Glad to hear it
Gordon Mason Great news Paul
William Mullen paul do you remember…basket farm….mr sheilds….i worked thre
Blantyre Project I hear he was quite the character
William Mullen lol my family worked on tht farm…my da from 40s to 70s …had 2 massive feilds called crossbasket…
Sally Jamieson Well done Crossbasket. Green hall Village is built on land which many folks were told years ago would never be earmarked for housing. Excellent to have secured this natural beauty spot. We have so much beauty around us.
Gillian Cunningham Great news !!
Elsie Chalmers Great news……a piece of green land secured from developers. Well done Crossbasket.
Irene Crawford Fantastic news !
Paul Wilkinson That is fantastic news! Developers seem to snapping up land everywhere these days, were losing so much. It’s really good to see they won’t be winning this one.

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