Calder New Woodland Trails

As many people will know, parts of the Calder including Milheugh and Greenhall have been closed off during August and September whilst extensive felling works take place.

The conifer tree clearance does have a purpose though and as well as letting native species flourish, the money raised from the bark, chippings and woods is being used to create better paths, woodland trails, stairs and access into the Calder, hopefully a lasting legacy for all.

Work on the paths has already started, with a good example can be seen at the top of the Pech Brae near the Hoolets Car park, where the trails have been cleared. Another good example is midway down the Pech Brae into the Calder heading towards the Milheugh Bridge, where new, safer timber edged paths and stairs can now be seen.

I look forward to walking these trails without getting covered in mud or slipping.


Pech Brae, paths upgraded and renovated making them safer, wider and more permanent

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