1978 Blantyre folks weddings


More Weddings of Blantyre folks, staying with 1978.

1978 Morag Allan & James Lines wm

Miss Morgan ALLAN of 41 Harkins Avenue married Mr James LINES of Cornwall in Springtime 1978. They were married in Burnbank.

1978 Seonait Currie & Alexander Hamilton wm

Miss Seonait CURRIE of 11 Stonefield Crescent, High Blantyre married Mr Alexander HAMILTON of Edinburgh. The couple were married in 1978 in High Blantyre Old Parish Church.  Seonait previous to this during the 1970’s was my own neighbour, from across the street.

1978 Janice Donaldson & John Burns wm

Finally, the couple with the amusing and fitting number plate is Miss Janice DONALDSON, a Motherwell lady, who married Blantyre’s Mr John BURNS, of 17 Belvoir Place. The couple were married in 1978 in Motherwell Civic Centre.

All photos added to the expanding wedding archives on Blantyre Project.

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Liz Boxall Amy ‘. There’s your aunt Shona ❤️
Amy Summers Omg so it is 🙊 Eilidh Iain Grant
Eilidh Hamilton Famous parents 💁🏼
Siobhan Currie Brilliant picture x
Amy Summers Siobhan I’m hoping my parents wedding pic appears soon 😂 x
Siobhan Currie Would love to see it as well. Hope you are all well 😚. Sx
Amy Summers Thanks, hope you all are too x
Elaine Speirs John Burns grew up in the same street as me. I have no seen him for many years. I hope you are doing weel John.
Liz Allan I remember Morag and shona from school
William Mullen john burns remember him
Marian Maguire Yes I know Shona, I hope she and her family are well, I worked with her mum and dad for years, a. Lovely couple.
Isabella Williamson Remember John and Janice
Margaret Brown Burns Remember Shona from Hairmyres Hosp where she trained

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