1978 Spate of Break ins

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1960 Perspective Drawing Parkville

February 1978 saw a spate of house and shop break-ins in Blantyre.

Cleary Hairdressers at 208 Glasgow Road was subjected to a daylight robbery, with thieves taking money fro the till, a hairdryer and attempts to break into a phone coin box.

During the same evening thieves broke into 1 Holmswood Avenue, 1 Heathcliffe Avenue and 15 Cowan Wilson Avenue. In all cases, it was old fashioned coin meters that were targeted although in one case meat from a freezer was taken.

However, by far the most ambitious theft was when thieves also entered the empty house above the Parkville Roadhouse, on Glasgow Road. They ripped up floorboards and cut through a hole in the floor dropping down into the public house. They got away with a small safe containing a considerable amount of cash!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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