1978 Lodge Livingstone Long Server


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 20.23.32Lodge Livingstone 599 celebrated one of their longest serving members in May 1978.

John Liddell, (seated) accepted his 50 year diploma from R.W.M John Lyle at a ceremony in the Lodge’s Glasgow Road Hall. Mr Liddell of 27 Hardie Street was the first member to reach a half centenary of service.

Do you recognise anybody else in the picture?

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Hugh Innes Think Lyndsay McDade is there somewhere
Jim Lees Bert Gourlay
William Shaw David Straighton
Archie Peat Great photo of first class gentlemen whom I remember well . However I have to correct you on the first man to reach 50 years service in L599 . I have a testimonial from the Lodge given to my Great Grandfather Archie Peat commemorating 50 years service in 1944
Incidentally if the Lodge would like that certificate for their records I would be happy to return it.
The Blantyre Project Duncan Peat brilliant to see that. A nice piece of history and certainly that should be recognised. It would be shame if the lodge have recorded the longest service being in 1978, rather than this cert. You definitely should take that up with them. 😉
David Baillie Yes my papa was grand master of the lodge in the 1974 or 75 his name was Andrew Baillie

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