1978 Gala Unknown Children


1978 Blantyre Gala Day 4 wmThese two delightful children attended the Blantyre Gala Day on 1st July 1978, taking time to get dressed up for the occasion. It was pirates and princesses galore!

Do you know who these kids are and where they are today?

1978 Blantyre Gala Day wm3

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Caroline Rundell Susan Clelland is that you on left?x
Susan Clelland Mine was 85 🙂 just had my dress n sash.out yesterday lol xx
Caroline Rundell Just thought it looked like you xxx
Ann Marie Herd It’s looks like Margaret Hill
Jimmy Whelan Looks like Mag..
Marianne Stark Aitken Thanks Jimmy
Margaret is that you in the foto I think it is too ?

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