1978 Blantyre Gala Day


1978 Blantyre Gala Day 1st July wmHere’s some more great photos of Blantyre people at the YMCA Gala Day at Stonefield Public Park on 1st July 1978.

The Youth club of Elizabeth Scott Youth Centre brave the weather and have fun on the “Holiday” float. Below, two gents from the Knights of St Columba, dress up appropriately.

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1978 Blantyre Gala Day 2 wm

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Maryon Allan I’d love see the floats brought back for the xmas n gala days x
Blantyre Project SLC wont permit it. Safety laws gone mad.
Marianne Stark Aitken Thats Fiona McGraw far right with hat on don’t know her married name.
Jim Donnelly Kathleen Anne Obrien is that Peter on the left of the bottom photo,i remember his dad being something to do with the Knights..!!!!
Kathleen Anne Obrien Yip thats Peter, don’t recall this occasion, was engaged to Peter back then, both Peter & his Dad were in the Knights ,can’t again remember the year Peter joined the Knights, think Peter’s Dad had just joined the Knights about that time.. Thanks for posting this Jim x
Elaine Speirs Fiona McGraw third to the right back row with the hat on
Mary Frances Lyons Nuala Devlin is that you, our Brendan O’neill and Martin in that photo x
Stephen Allan Is Elizabeth Scott Youth Centre now Terminal one?
Brendan O’neill Yes mf thats me 😠
Mary Frances Lyons Thought so. Lol x

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