1978 Blantyre Weddings


Continuing our look at the weddings of some Blantyre folks. Still with 1978.

1978 Janis Dunn & James Eley wm

Miss Janis Dunn of 57 Ballantrae Road, High Blantyre married Mr James Eley, 126 Farm Road, Burnbank in Blantyre Old Parish Church in early 1978.

1978 Paul McManus & Agnes Green wm

Blantyre couple Miss Agnes Green of 223b Glasgow Road married Paul McManus of 57 Livingstone Crescent at St Joseph’s Church, Blantyre in early 1978.

1978 Rita Dixon & James Reid wm

Finally for now, again in 1978, Miss Rita Dixon of East Kilbride married Mr James Reid of 36 Hardie Street, married at Clairmont Parish Church.

All wedding photos, as before are added to our expanding wedding archives.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Jim Canning Was at Jim and Janis’ wedding. Almost 40yrs, how time goes by.
Frank Kelly I remember Miss Green’s brother, Richard, from my schooldays.
Isobel Canning Happy anniversary Jim and Janis
Anne Mosley Love these old photos xx
Jim Canning One small correction to Jim Eley & Janis Dunn’s Wedding. The wedding was in Oct ’77 not 78 as stated.
The Blantyre Project thanks Jim. I’ll get that corrected. Looks like some photos didn’t appear in newspapers for some months after. I think this is still the case today.


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