1978 RC Secondary School


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 15.21.52In early 1978, the Council confirmed it would be building a Roman Catholic Secondary School in Blantyre. The school was much needed and was to lessen overcrowding at John Ogilvie, letting pupils in Blantyre attend a school, far easier to travel to.

Budgets were set aside, but the plan was controversial, due to the proposed location of the school. During the last week in March 1978, a report was published pointing out that there would be considerable problems if the new RC School was built on the proposed site.

The problem was the site at Thornhill Avenue, just wasn’t large enough and the plan was to split the school into two locations. One at Thornhill Avenue, the other in fields between Glasgow Road and Farm Road, almost a quarter of a mile apart. Although the school would accommodate 940 pupils, there were fears that splitting the school was not ideal and concerns were growing about the amount of traffic on an already busy Glasgow Road.

Local R.C residents were pushing for spare ground at Calrowrie Avenue to be used to build the school, but whilst there was enough room for one school, there was not enough room for playing fields or carparks. This option was not popular with Hamilton District Council who had already allocated this site for a new community or leisure centre, one which would eventually become TACT Hall.

Decisions were again put off that Spring, despite the urgency for a final decision and pupils that year continued to go to John Ogilvie. As we know, the RC Secondary school never got off the ground in Blantyre.

I have my own opinion about what was going on in these years and think the council was desperately trying to save money, by leaning towards an expansion of John Ogilvie, rather than building the new school, but knew how unpopular that news would have been. Looking at the huge piece of land near TACT hall, i have no idea why a secondary school wasn’t built there. There was more than enough space (in my opinion!) and Blantyre lost out on an RC Secondary school.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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John Cornfield Cheers Paul it was ridiculous that Blantyre never got this school I remember the times well
Margaret McCluskey Ohhh I reckon you will uncover a few ‘interesting’ stories and perhaps make a few people nervous
Maureen Lynch That could have been a brilliant place for a school!
Current parents should now push for a new school on the site!
John Fallon Jnr Local labour councillors at the time did not back the people who voted them in,
Susan Rowe Well said Paul!!!! Ridiculous that Blantyre never got an RC Secondary School 😡
Catherine Docherty Ridiculous and some of us parent have to pay for public transport to john ogilvie.
David Mcintosh Paul,I believe that the Knights club at the bottom of Carlowrie ave,has been sold,and there are plans to build houses on this site ?
The Blantyre Project that would not surprise me. I hope the council look at upgrading Blantyre Ferme Road or at least providing a park with play equipment nearby, or possibly new shops.
Stephen Allan Columba Club is closing down in October I heard.
The Blantyre Project sorry to hear that Stephen. Do you know why?
Stephen Allan No idea. I was there for a 50th last Saturday night and heard. This is the same place David McIntosh was talking about.
Elizabeth Grieve Blantyre loses out on everything when it comes to essential funding

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