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“Tressa McGuigan” by James Cornfield (2005)

She was a child of her time,
she was born in that year of 1894,
she was the youngest daughter of James and Margaret
she was born and resided at 72 Spittal Rows, Bardykes,
She was the 9th child in the family of ten

She walked every Schoolday up to Blantyre
she went to St Josephs School aged 5,
she went with her siblings until the age of 12
She left to work at the pithead of Bardykes colliery
She was a brasspicker along with her sisters.

She could remember the Boer and the 1914 war,
she married John Cornfield after that war in 1919,
she bore him three sons and three daughters.
she endured the poverty of the 1921/1926 strikes,
she suffered the hunger of the hungry 1930s.

She survived the horror of the 1939/1945 war,
she was a woman amongst woman of her time,
she neither drank nor smoked and abhorred alcohol,
she had never been in a public house or outside Scotland!
she was Tress McGuigan, mother of the Cornfield family.
She still lives in the hearts of those
she loved and left behind…..

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Teresa McKinnon A lovely tribute to a lovely woman
Frank Cornfield I wonder how many of her traits are still evident in descendants living today? I don’t think anyone can tick all the boxes!😊

The Blantyre Project Another photo of Tressa.

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Linda Byrd-Dennison Wow! What a legacy!
Jan McDonald Sheena Thomson dose she fit in around our family,I know it’s not our aunt Tress but the McGuigan maybe?? X
Sheena Thomson Yes Joan think she must be a great Aunt I know she’s not Mums aunt because her Dad was Charlie unless our Grandpa had a brother who’s name was James hope you understand that, cause I’m a bit confused.x
Sheena Thomson Hi Joan our Grandpa McGuigans Mum and Dad was James and Margaret so the lady in the picture Tress is our Mums aunt.
Kathleen Duffy Yes Sheena she was our Grampa McGuigans younger sister my dad and your mum’s aunt Tressa. I remember visiting her in Logan Street when I was very young xx
Sheena Thomson Kathleen did any of her Aunts stay in Rutherglen I have a memory of visiting an old lady in a tennament building, hope you can help I have thought about this a lot over the years.x
Kathleen Duffy I know my dad when he was young used to go his holidays to Rutherglen (suppose that was some distance way back in 1917). He went to cousins who were called Crilley. They were cousins of the family but not sure if they were granny or Gramps McGuigans side. So that’s maybe the auntie you visited Sheena xx
Sheena Thomson Great Kathleen problem solved I have a few other question Kathleen but would take to long to ask, once I get it sorted in my head,can I text you with them .x
Kathleen Duffy Sure thing Sheena hope I can answer them. Like you I wish my mum and dad were still here cos there’s a million things I’d like to know. Hope you and I can share our knowledge and pass it onto our kids xx
Sheena Thomson That’s what I’m trying to do Kathleen and to my sister’s thanks will get back to you soon.xx
Jan McDonald Thanks girls, I want to know everything lol ❤️
Jan McDonald Her eyes are very much like Margaret Hill sister Tressa x
Margaret Hill Jan McDonald it’s my gran your mums aunty xx
Sylvia Mclaughlin Mag that is your Theresa double x
Margaret Hill It’s my granny Sylvia Mclaughlin xx
Marianne Stark Aitken Ma granny ☺️
Marianne Stark Aitken Teresa Hill who is her granddaughter is her double x
Laura Stark Oh you mean Teresa 😂
Laura Stark My great granny 🤗🌸💜
Lynne Lyon Omg that looks the spit of my mum
Jan McDonald OMG she’s Theresa double ,thanks Margaret Hill ❤️
Marianne Stark Aitken Sorry Margaret I keep forgetting Theresa has an ‘H’ in her name ☺️
Margaret Hill I know that was my mums choice x
Annette Millar Def your Theresa Mag. X

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  1. She would have been my Great Aunt. Scarily, my elder sister looks very much like her.

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