Stonefield Parish Halls

1948 Caldwell Hall STonefield Parish Church

1948 Stonefield Parish Halls, Glasgow Road

Mr George Crawford was born in 1930 and from 1936 lived in the Stonefield Parish Halls Building, otherwise known as the Caldwell Halls.

He told me, “Our home was at ground floor level  and consisted of a large room with sink, bed and furniture and a small attached bedroom. The rooms were approached from a corridor which gave access to a toilet, cloths washing room complete with an open boiler, a glory hole for small storage and access to a sitting room which had a Chalen piano. Today I regularly play a  Yamaha Clavinova.

From the sitting room there was access to a bath room. The principle room was across the internal landing from which stairs led (downwards) to  a main door and the Shaw hall (left) with kitchen and to the large meeting room (right) Stairs also led (upwards) leading to, on the right, a medium sized room, on the left, a toilet room with sink. 

The principal hall was adjacent. It had a balcony approached from another stairway. The top storey had a toilet room and meeting room. A substantial building which in 1939  was used for the storage of matresses.”

The halls owned by Stonefield Parish Church, were also used at one time to store coffins, giving rise to the nickname, the Coffin Halls.

The Halls were demolished in early June 1967.

Photos courtesy of George Crawford, taken in 1948.

1948 Caldwell Hall

Inside Stonefield Parish Halls 1948

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