Crawfords at Low Blantyre

George Crawford was born in 1930. He recently told me, “Following living at the Dales from 1932, my parents moved to Stonefield Church Halls (61, Glasgow Road, Blantyre ) during the year 1936.

My father was Beadle at Stonefield Church which was situated about 200 yards away. The minister was Rev. James Gibb. There was a substantial wooden building in the grounds  which was used for the playing of bowls and for childrens’ Sunday School supervised (I think) by a Miss Tirrel.”

Alex Crawford is pictured here with his family in 1946.

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George and his brother John Crawford are pictured here in 1946. George is approx. 16 years old.

1946 Goerge & John Crawford

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Elizabeth Weaver How smart the boys look with their Harris Tweed jackets and waistcoats. I’m assuming their socks are lovat green ones, which was what boys usually wore with the kilt back then. Great family portrait.
Alasdair Gordon Two nice looking laddies.
Eva Brown My brother Andy Sim was a pal of John Crawford and his son Andrew married Cara daughter of John Crawford. My brother Joe lived in the Dales for a few years from 1958.

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