Crawford Family at The Dales


Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 09.52.15Mr George Crawford messaged me in May, “I was born on the 18th of March 1930 at Beckford Lodge, Hamilton to Alexander (Alex.) Crawford and Mary (Polly) McKinnon.

We stayed with my grandparents John McKinnon and Martha Skeldon Wightman at May Cottage Ferniegair before flitting to the Dales on Main Street, High Blantyre in the year 1932.

George shared this modern photo of the Dales during the late 1980’s and I see in the background prior to Ally Bally Bees , Smiths Garage was still there. The Crawford family lived in the house on the left with the brown door from 1932 until 1936.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 09.53.04

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Jacqueline Muir Brings back memories. I stayed in the one next door 1988.
Moyra Lindsay We stayed in the one above him 1967-1970
Stephen Speirs I lived in 240 1964 – 1970. I am sure my dad my have some photos from back then. At the time, there was no bath/shower in our house. How times have changed!
Kenny Beecroft My grampa was actually born and lived in ” the Dales ” building in 1910 his name was Isaiah Beecroft ,
Paul Veverka Hi kenny. That shouldn’t be confused with this location. In 1910 dales cottage was here on main st but ‘The Dales’ back then were on the hospital road where now the junction of Burnbrae road meets with Victoria street.
Kenny Beecroft Paul , ever since I was a wee boy ( wisnae yesterday I may add) , every time we went past those buildings my dad would tell the same bloody story about ” did you know your grampa was born in there ” haha , so I’ve been duped for 55yrs … I don’t know mate …. that’s families fur ye 😂😂.. cheers for now
Paul Veverka Kenny Beecroft those tenements weren’t built until the 1920s. 🙂
Kenny Beecroft Paul , do you know I’ve never questioned that story until now haha , wait till see my dad , my childhood all based on a lie 😂😂😂. Thanks for the info .
Ann Porter am sure it says 1908 on the building, i stayed in 240 For 14 years 2000 to 2014
The Blantyre Project Hi Ann. Definitely 1920’s. The building is inscribed with “DALES” on either side. Heres the 1910 map showing Dale Cottage which was adjacent to the High Blantyre Bethany Hall, a wooden hall across from the bank.

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James McMillan George Crawford anything to do way you
Sharon Corrigan JeanMcSorley….many a happy memory in the dales. Lol xx
Debbie McMillan Jean McSorley a mind you used to stay here x
Jean McSorley Aw Sharon too many gd times wat a laugh we had 🤣👍🏼Debbie a stayed ther fir 10 years xxx
Margaret Elma Griffin My Mum and Dad Jim and Ellen Miller lived in the Dales when they first got married they rented a room of the lady who owned the property
Margaret Elma Griffin Nice to see there is something still standing in High Blantyre that I recognize 😊
The Blantyre Project Hi Margaret – Im sure you’ll be pleased then to know I’ve a book coming shortly about all the buildings in High Blantyre. It covers all buildings , all shops through time and you may be surprised to know just how much remains. Im working on finishing this in 2017 alongside final permissions on my Glasgow Road book(s).
Margaret Elma Griffin Look forward to your new book I was just wondering if there was any photos of the old Tenement buildings on Broompark Road where I was born also the Old Buildings on Cemetery Road where we lived before moving to England would love to find some
Stephen Kelly Leeshy Leishman Billy Muirhead. Many a good night in there back in the day
Cathy MacDonald Scott I’m going to weigh in here in hopes of finding some connection to my partner’s tree that we have been working on for a few years now. I believe his grandparents occupied the unit on the left end (as seen in the photo). If I remember correctly, it is (was?) #104. The family name was Moore. His grandparents were Alexander and Jeanie (nee Dunsmore) Moore. Alex and Jeanie had 3 children: Mary (1912-?), David (1915-1980), and Elizabeth “Betty” (1918-2001).

According to another reliable source, across the road from The Dales was a row of houses called Pits Row (used to house coal miners). Our “source” remembers her grandparents, David and Janet (nee Patterson) Dunsmore living there. David (1879-1966) and Janet (?- 1951) had 4 children: Barbara Rankin Dunsmore (1907-?), Elizabeth McAllister Dunsmore (1918-2014), Janet Patterson Dunsmore (1920-1989), and Jean Dunsmore (1923-?).

Does anyone recognize these names and/or places? Thanks so much!

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