Blantyre Priory by James Cornfield (2008)

1935 Priory Dr Wilsons book1 wm

1920s or 30s Blantyre Priory from Dr Wilsons Book

‘Tis true there was a Priory here, of that there is no doubt,
the markings, Tommy Hawkins, was the man who carved them out.
‘Tis said that a tunnel was discovered in the year of 1945.
a monk buried under every tree? Not proven yet not denied……

This Priory built by men of God is no longer in out midst,
but should you approach this ruin in the early morning mist,
the feeling of a presence is everywhere around
and seems to overwhelm, as you tread this Holy ground…..

“So stranger please be careful, as you tread this Hallowed ground,
for you are in the presence, of Monks of such renown,
tho’ they are dead and gone, even yet they still remain,
to remind us that our God is near, and this be his domain”

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Maggie Anderson I think my Aunt Josie was Tommy Hawkin’s Girlfriend or perhaps woman friend might be more apt
Helen Lawson Taylor Tommy Stayed in Beech Place .

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