1978 Walter Henderson’s Igloo


1978 Walter Henderson wmThis is Walter Henderson, former Calder Street pupil.

In January 1978, Walter built himself a nice accommodating igloo after a heavy snowfall. Had he provided an answer to Blantyre’s housing shortage? Well no, it was nothing more than a Royal Navy lark.

Walter (18) decided to relieve the boredom of his Fire Duty with his Royal Navy unit at Kirkcaldy by building himself a snowhouse.

Walter joined the Royal Navy in 1976 and served as an Ordnance Electrical Mechanic with H.M.S Cochrane at Rosyth. His mother Christina, at that time lived in Winton Crescent.

Being a sensible lad, Walter declined to spend a night in his creation. Do you know Walter or what became of him?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin I went to calder street with walter
Alan Baird i know walter as far as i know he still lives in the same house
Joan Adams Walter still lives in Wilton crescent.
Jim Frame i stayed a few doors down in winton crescent
Marion Jones Went to high school with him
Andrew Semple Watty is still going strong, still living on Winton Crescent, and always a gent.
Jimmy Whelan My auld neighbour…
Diane Cunningham My neighbour yes he still lives in the same house Alan Baird
Jim Cochrane He works with me at Muller Milk formaly wisemans . Has done for the last 20 years.
Jim Cochrane Think he was posted to HMS Ark Royal and was also on. submarines.


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  1. Worked with Waldo the past 11 years in Wisemans then Muller…he had a unique quirky personality and was one of the most helpful people I’ve met with the biggest heart…will be sadly missed ❤️

  2. Walter Was Found Dead On Wednesday 6th September 2017, Police & Fire, C.i.d., Crime Stoppers, Support Unit Still At The Scence At 10pm Thursday 7th September 2017

    1. Hi Jen – Was so sorry to read that. Walter was clearly a much liked person judging by some of the comments read after this post on FB.

      1. How Did You Know Walter?
        If You Dont Mind Me Asking

        1. Hi Jen. I didn’t know him, but those commenting on the facebook post worked alongside him. My sympathies to you if you are a friend or relative. Paul.

          1. Pm me

  3. Walter Passed Way.
    Found Dead Wednesday 6th Septemer 2017 10.50am. High Police Presence 38hrs Later.

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