1978 Amanda Moore’s trip

1978 Amanda Moore

In January 1978, this pretty little Blantyre girl went on one of the most important trips of her life. Local papers reported the story as follows:

“Following fundraising campaigns and hundreds of hours of special treatment, little Amanda Moore (4) is off to the USA. Amanda had been handicapped since being given a houping cough injection as a baby and will be going to the Institute of Human Potential in Philadelphia to find out if their course of treatment could help her live a more normal life. 

The Moores were to leave their High Blantyre home in a white Rolls Royce, laid on by a local bridal company. Amanda’s mum, Mrs Elizabeth Moore of 4 Meadow Avenue, High Blantyre said, “I have been shaking with excitement all over the New Year, just waiting for this trip. We will know after our second day, if Amanda has been accepted for the full treatment. It’s going to be a hard slog, for the days we are out there, we start at 8am and will be going back to the hotel room at 1am. The Moores will be going out for 10 days and more than £5,000 was raised by friends and family for the special treatment.”

1978 Amanda Moore 2

Interested to know more what happened to this lovely girl whose radiance beams out the picture, I searched for follow up stories and found this.

“The following week Amanda Moore WAS accepted for the treatment in America. The message was communicated by phone back to Blantyre. When home, Amanda embarked on a course of limb manipulation and continued her therapeutic activities. “

I’d wondered when writing this up what became of the Moore’s and how Amanda’s life had panned out. Sadly, I learned that this beautiful girl passed away in recent years. She was dearly loved and is missed by all who knew her. This little article is in her memory so others in Blantyre who did not know her, know what a beautiful and special girl she was.

Amanda is pictured here in January 1978 beside her loving parents.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Jim McSorley Sad to hear that Amanda passed away. I lived in the same street as her in the 70s before heading to zimbabwe Rhodesia. We communicated a few times in the early 90s
Sally Jamieson Just the way I remember her as my friend and I briefly leant a hand to Amanda’s Mum and Dad with her exercises when they came back from America.😍
Anne Mackie So sad xxxxxx
Elizabeth Grieve The Moores live across the road from me.
Isobel Watson An amazing beautiful girl my mum helped out with Amanda…..I still spk regularly with her parents about their beautiful daughter…. more loving and dedicated parents u could not meet….😇x
The Blantyre Project this story has moved me today. I would like to donate profits from my August and September book-sales to a charity of the families choice.
Joe Reid Seen this Kellie McCabe, Kevin Inglis and Shirley Mcnab. Remember being told about it.
Kellie McCabe Amanda was my cousin and she wasn’t handicapped from birth it was the whooping cough injection that caused the brain to stop responding when she was 6 months old. Such a beautiful girl both inside and out 💗
Feel free to PM me and I will speak to my uncle for you about a charity donation x
Elaine Hunter Very sad
Isabella Chatham So sorry to hear about Amanda Moore I lived next door to her grandparents my condolences to Donald And Elizabeth

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