1978 Miners Welfare ABC


1978 Blantyre karate

These are the Blantyre lads whom in January 1978, put on a knockout show at Blantyre Miner’s Welfare Club.

The big event saw Blantyre boxers take on lads from Newcastle at the invitation of local firm, Reyrolle Belmos Ltd, who sponsored the matches.

The young stars of the Blantyre Miner’s ABC and North East English team Perth Green ABC slogged it out to a draw, 4 matches each.

Belmos Sponsors stand behind the boxers. Miners ABC secretary Tommy Chassels stands on the far right.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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John Cornfield Gary Kelly centre?
Hugh Sugar Kelly that may be Danny Cunningham in the middle John Cornfield
John Cornfield Hugh Sugar Kelly ffs how u doin ?your a blast far the past Sugar u in it ?
Hugh Sugar Kelly Aye thats me on the right John
Eddie Mcguire Used to watch sugar train very good boxer if my memory serves me right sugar had one of the quickest knock outs ever
Hugh Sugar Kelly Thanks Eddie Mcguire nice comment. And I did have one of the quickest Ko’s
Eddie Mcguire Great to hear from you sugar hope life is good and healthy mate remember you and Billy Nicholas in the ring loved watching you two
Hugh Sugar Kelly Think that is Billy on the left but not sure. I’m good mate and living in North Wales now hope you are well and great to hear from you
Eddie Mcguire Nice part of the word sugar I’m sometimes in Bridgend we have a depot there
Jimmy Whelan Hugh Sugar Kelly the record breaker…
Hugh Sugar Kelly That’s me on the right
Sophiacree Cree Thought it was you has Brian phoned you about Mary

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