1967 Calder Street Gym Girls


1967 Calder Street Girls wmA Blantyre school that didn’t even have a gymnasium, sent a troop of schoolgirls in 1967 to take part in an important Lanarkshire Gymnastic competition…..and they won!

The girls pictured here in March 1967 were all pupils of Calder Street Junior Secondary School and the competition was held in Springburn. They especially excelled in the vaulting events.

In fact their ability and success were so noticed, that they were immediately asked to take part in a military display being held at Glasgow Green that following weekend!

As there was no gym hall in the school back then, the girls had been training at nearby Blantyre Miners Welfare Centre, put through their paces by ex Navy gym instructor, Mr. Albert Mathers. Their training was done in their lunch breaks and outwith hours, all in their spare time.

The Blantyre girls are all known. Left to right are Ray Agnew of 4 Main Street, Joyce Paterson of 24 Stonefield Crescent, Anne Taylor of 34 Waverley Terrace, Catherine Dick of 3 Hillview Drive, Margaret Johnstone of 86 Northway and Elaine Murray of 251 Main Street.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

On Blantyre Project Social media, used with permission here, strictly not for use on any other website or publication:

John Crothers Well done giris of 67 a credit to the school which I went to I left in 63 these girls will go down in history
Kerry Tremble Kevan Linzi Murray-Hendry looks like you’re mum? X
Margaret Stewart Yeah that is Linzis mum .
Carmen Louise Thats mum!.. Marc Moran xx
Anne Cook I’ve got back in touch with Joyce through your page —–thanks !!!
The Blantyre Project fantastic! Love it when that sort of thing happens.

Anne Cook Joyce !!!!
Margaret Paton My goodness, haven’t seen my cousin Ray Agnew in years! Hope you are Linzi Murray-Hendry Kerry Tremble Kevan.. lol it is! Go her xxx
Ray Agnew Bert Mathers named us The Flying Angels! We attended garden fetes etc in Blantyre doing gymnastic displays. Margaret Paton I am well. Must meet up sometime!
Jane Maxwell That’s my cousin Catherine Dick second from the end.
Jane Maxwell Sorry Catherine third from the right.
Joyce Sarah McCambley omg, this is a blast from the post. The blantyre project has certainly uearthed some fantastic history. Remember Mr Mathers very well, he taught me to fence!!!! Does anyone remember we did a routine with white Dumbbells, think that was what they were called. Anyone remember that ??
Joyce Sarah McCambley We were called the flying angels if I remember !!!!
The Blantyre Project Flying Angels….noted!
Carolyn McDonald My wee sis Elaine at the end🐾👣
Diane Poole Claudia you kept that a secret wow ! Go girl ….,
Louise Waugh Omg canny believe that’s my aunt ray! She looks they same.
Margaret Lindner Your right Paul .thats my big sister.Anne Taylor .she was great at it .x
Susan Lindner Janet Flannigan Cook – show Duncan! Can’t mistake his mammy!
Margaret Lindner The third one along .the wee blondie is Anne Taylor.(Cook)xxx
Mary Beth Piekarski Ray, kudos to you and the other girls. What a terrific story!
Janet Allan I went to school with some of them xxxx
Catherine Murphy That’s my cousin Catherine Dick third from the right

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