Stunning Footage Livingstone Centre

My good facebook friend James Dwyer contacted me this evening to share absolutely stunning footage he captured piloting his drone over the David Livingstone Centre and Blantyre Weir.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s historic and wonderful announcement of £6m of funding for the centre, James had the foresight to go out today and capture how the centre, grounds, and Africa pavillions looks at the moment ahead of the planned renovations.

and WOW! What a film he has made. 8 full minutes of transfixing, glorious high definition, zooming on on features with skill and care. It looks beautiful and actually so does the centre.

Set to music, James also flew around the gardens, Africa Pavilions and fountain and has captured video that could not have otherwise been seen. I have a strong feeling that with the centre about to change SO much, James’s drone video will be looked back on by future generations recalling what was once there. A marvellous record. Go grab and coffee, sit back and enjoy.

With thanks as always to James for sending this in.


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