McCabes at Auchinraith Road


1936 Barbara McCabe at Auchinraith RdMary Kane shared this photo saying, “This is a picture of my mother Barbara McCabe taken outside her home at 53 Auchinraith Road about 1936 maybe. Does anybody know if these houses are still there? Her father and two brothers were miners.”

Sadly these buildings are no longer there. They were stone tenements, situated not far from where the road tunnel to Springwells is (under the EK Expressway) just off Auchinraith Road.

Number 53 was split up into 6 homes. In 1930, Colin McCabe was the head of one of the household, presumably Mary’s grandfather? He was a miner and his neighbours were Robertsons, Lydens, McCormacks, O Neils and Weir. He was renting the home from Mrs Edith Todd (who owned all 6 homes). He had one of the larger apartments and this was reflected in his rent being higher than the other homes. He paid £15 and 11 shillings per year rent in 1930, which is about £700 in today’s money.


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Mary Sitters Made my heart skip a beat. My Mama Alice Lyden was born at 35 Auchinraith Road, in 1914. The McCabes were cousins.
The Blantyre Project Alice, a May day baby! Born 8.45pm at that address as you say….just a month before events unfolded kicking off World War 1. Bringing a baby into the world that summer must have been a worrying time for your grandparents John and Mary. (thats somethinSee more
The Blantyre Project if you want Alice’s birth certificate, just let me know. I’m only too happy to help.
Mary Kane As you know Mary we are indeed cousins. My grandmother Alice McVey who married Colm McCabe and your grandmother Mary McVey who married John Lyden were sisters. Thank you The Blantyre Project for the interesting information about Auchinraith Road.
The Blantyre Project No problem. If you ever want some history about Alice and Mary’s parents , just let me know.
Mary Sitters Thank you. I would love to know more about my grandmother Mary McVey. She died when my Mama was only nine. I loved my grandpa John Lyden but of course never knew my Granny.
Caroline McDougall I believe that Jeanie Robertson is my great aunt.
Johnstone Purdie Jane Does anyone know the story behind, Paddy Berry? He lived next door to my Grannie, the other half of the semi timber house…think it was No. 127 Auchinraith Road? Next to the ‘Midgie’ yard. He was always there alone….his house was a shambles inside….I was only ever in his house once with my Grannie. However, every time a meal was cooked in her house we had to go out the back door and bang on his pantry window with a big tattie masher, we left a meal, covered, on his step and when Paddy was finished, and he ate every scrap, the plate would be left on the step and one of us would be sent to pick it up. I never ever saw any family at his house, we had ‘millions’ in Grannie’s every Sunday. A Mr and Mrs Borland moved into his house after he died. My Grannie was Jeannie Dalton. Her neighbour on the other side was Mary Kelly, they were a lovely family.
Liz McGuire I love this page my grandparents were also miners they lived. On bairds row the memory’s that come on here are great keep up the good work

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