Newton almost touching Blantyre

As some readers may have heard, this week South Lanarkshire Council have received an initial application to build up 1200 houses along Westburn Road at the Calder Road, to the North of Blantyre, leading off Blantyreferme Road.

The massive housing development is still at planning stage but is causing controversy in Newton, as well as Blantyre. In one of our few surrounding green spaces, the houses would be location to the north of the Blantyre Railway line, immediately adjacent to Calderglen and Redlees Park. To the north, it would be located all along the River Calder as far north as the former Fin Me Oot (Caldervale).

Action groups have been set up to protest in nearby Newton fearing that it will cause stress on already inadequate country roads and put pressure on local schools. Other concern include the lack of local amenities in the area. There’s also the massive loss of greenspace to consider.

Other people insist this will be good for the area with more homes and easy access to transport links.

You can share your letter of support or objection with the council directly by email here:

These need to be in by the 18th of August 2017. Use Site Reference “MIR139 Newhouse Farm” in any correspondence.

Further information can be found here:…/planning_and_building_…

Have your say? How does Blantyre residents feel about this? Are we ready for a huge step towards merging into Newton, just as the Burnbank boundary did over a Century ago?

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Amanda Hobbs Same thing happening in Strathaven.
Gerry Walker A lot of the people who lived in the pit houses in Newton moved to Blantyre as the pits were closing down. They helped Blantyres` village grow when the Coatshill scheme was built. There is a historical connection between both villages. Maybe a new direction for you to look into Paul.
Elaine Speirs This was raised a couple of years ago in the Hamilton Ad. We all want our kids to be able to live somewhere and this seems reasonable enough. Maybe the Blantyre farm road will be upgraded. I live in Calderglen Ave in Blantyre and am not too concerned. At least its houses and not an incinerator or something worse.
Michelle Leggat True,there are a lot worse things the could build than houses but let’s hope it includes some social housing as this is also very much needed for young people.
Jim Cochrane We will lose all our green space round this town .this is bad news for Blantyre.
Mary Gemmell Sutherland I’m gutted, I loved that I could walk to a green space five mins from my home! Might as well put a shopping centre up the Cawther too! 😩
Chris Ladds If it goes ahead then great effort should be put into investing in the adjacent greenspace. Development in or close to designated areas now usually encourages permission to be granted on the proviso that investment should be contributed by developers into enhancing the area for natural and built heritage.

Erring on caution not to sound like a broken record, its important that ALL concerned at council level and otherwise remember that the area of the calder has been designated a Special Landscape Area under SNH Guidance, which serves as far more than a planning category.

Impacts on tourism and tourism routes would also need to be considered as within a few km the David Livingstone Centre and Bothwell Castle are located.

Developments should be sensitive to the skyline and ‘rural feel’ of such an area.

Efforts will also need to be made to show future impact on being unable to strengthen the nature corridor by widening the wooded defile boundary with more trees.

All these points and far more mentioned in various local development plan guidance should be used to construct informed representations against or for the application.

The Blantyre Project thats a good point. I think i would be far more receptive to these homes if more amenities were built and upgrade of Blantyreferme road happened. Such a huge development will not get through planning without a small retail area and a couple of small parks being incorporated. On the plus side it could create interesting, new walks on the Hallside side of the Calder, not previously there.
Jim McSorley Very sad indeed
Gee Watson I feel this is a terrible suggestion and I cannot believe people are ok about losing such a large amount of green space. And to build over finmeoot I feel is another huge loss. The roads, regardless of upgrading were not built to withstand the amount of traffic this will bring and the schools are already attached as it is…not for me 👎

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