Major William Arthur Baird

bf0979befb144f053381354d868de640Major William Arthur Baird was the grandson of Charles Walter Stewart, the 12th and last Lord Blantyre. i.e William born in London in 1879 was the son of Ellen Stuart (pictured), the daughter of the last Lord Blantyre.

He should not be confused with William Baird (Coalmasters) who also owned property and land in Blantyre during the early 20th Century.

William inherited the family seat of Lennoxlove House at Haddington from his mother, who inherited Lennoxlove upon the death of her father on 15th December 1900.

In 1905 he owned Craigknowe, both house and farm, a farm on Blantyre Muir, Stewartfield Farm, Crofton Green Farm, Edge Farm, Lodgehill Farm, shootings, Blaes Heaps, Minerals at Craigknowe, Stewartfield Quarry, a road at Greenblairs, a road at Blantyre Muir, and he was the owner / occupier at Plantations.

According to the Valuation roll of 1930, the Major owned Stewartfield Quarry, and also owned and occupied Craigknowe Farm, nearby to Blantyre Priory. Claim on the extinct Lord Blantyre title was made, but unsuccessfully.

1933 William Authur Baird Will info

William married Lady Hersey Constance Eveyln Conyngham. Their usual residence was at Lennoxlove House in Haddington. William died on 6th June 1933, aged 54. David C Baird, his son signed the death certificate.

1933 William Arthur Baird

With thanks to Alex Rochead for the certification records.

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