My Other Project


So, those that don’t know, I work in construction in my day job, something I “give my all” and love doing. For some time, I’ve been building a wee bridge over Edinburgh way that’s about to open next month.

As Commercial Manager of the Design Account, I was given a ticket to walk across anyway, but i’m pleased to secure 4 others for my family to come and share the exciting day with me.
I left the project at the start of 2017, to work on a larger project but watching the final pieces from afar fall into place these last few months has been exciting and made me proud to work for such a skilled company.
Now, my reason for posting. As well as myself, some of my work colleagues are from Blantyre, another staff member and operatives who braved heights to actually build it! I’ll be getting a photo of “The Blantyre Bridge Team” on the opening.
It’s an incredible piece of engineering, not without its challenges, built within the Scottish Government’s budget and deserves all the kudos it’s about to get from the public when it opens shortly.

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