Broomhouse Today


In recent years, this farm at Auchentibber passed from the Dickson family to commercial owners. A substantial large detached property called ‘Campsie View’ has been built next to the farm. Broomhouse, post Millennium, has been an industrial and commercial premise. F.E Hoad & Sons Ltd was a former freight haulage business located at Broomhouse Farm. They operated from a huge warehouse structure built on the north side of the farm.

During their post Millennium time there, the farm was well kept and whitewashed.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for these photos.

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Jim Cochrane It’s still for sale
James Stirling no wonder it is still up for sale,anyone that wants a bit of peace and quite that aint the place for them ,what a racket that fabrication place next to it makes
Jim Cochrane Was the house being sold seperate James or maybe it’s the ground that’s still for sale.

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