Fae Blantir tae Glesga


Fae Blantir tae Glesga’
by James Cornfield 2008

Fae Blantir tae Glesga, Ah’m share its no faur,
some walk the road, some gang by the Caur,
in the aul’ summer time, sure it’s a nice scene,
for oftimes when courting, tis’ there I have been,

Noo, wi’ the sound o’ the weavers and rumble o’ trams,
wi the roar o’ the bulls and the bleat o’ the lambs,
oan its bonnie green pastures, Ah’ do love to stray.
an ah’m coming back to see ye some day.

When the winter time comes, wi’ the snaw oan the grun,
the wee yins aw’ play, wi their sledges for fun,
it makes tir hert gled, jist tae see them at play,
these wee yins will take aw’ oor places, some day.

Noo, turn back yir memory tae the wee spinner boy,
the thought o’ im, makes aw’ oor herts jump wi’ joy,
Livingstone the great, wis born in Blantyre,
to free the Black Race, wis his only desire.

The here’s tae aul’ Blantir, that bonnie wee place,
an here’s tae the lassies, the flowers o’ oor race.
an here’s tae the laddies, sae big an ‘ sae brau,
may God bless us all, fur ah’ love youse aw.

1910 Glasgow Road

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