1978 Twins at the Gala Day

1978 Twins at the Gala Day wmTwins, Mary Rose and Janice McGranaghan (aged 8) are pictured here about to tuck into a lunch provided by the Miner’s Welfare for children attending the Gala Day.

It’s Saturday 26th August 1978 and the Miner’s Welfare Gala had been resurrected that year after an absence of 17 years, although of course the main Blantyre galas still took place during that time in the Public Park.

The girls were at David Livingstone Centre grounds and along with hundreds of other kids, enjoyed all the festivities that day. Do you know the twins?

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Gordon Frew My old neighbours 😀
Sharon Kerrigan They were in my year at school. A few sets of twins started St Blane’s at the same time. Memories ❤️
Yvonne Kelly They were in my class at primary
Eleanor Wemyss They were old. neighbours
Fiona Allen I remember these two little ladies from girl guides 😘
Tracy Murtagh They stayed behind us when we stayed in Traquair Wynd! This pic brings back memories. Spent a lot of time with the girls! Xx
Janette Stewart Sharon is correct, 5 sets of twins, all girls, started St.Blanes in August 1975!
Connie Glass I was in the year below them at St Blanes 😁
Amanda Hill Lawson My brother was friends with them, brings back a lot of memories x
Letitia Mitchell the twins are my cousins girls my cousin wullie and I where there god parents they haven’t changed one bit
Lynn Bowden In my class at St Blanes
Helen Williamson They were in my Mums Brownies, lovely wee girls 👍
Carol Crombie I recall their faces from Brownies or Guides
Anne G Barnshaw Yep, in my class at St. Blanes! x


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