13,000 Likes on Facebook


What a milestone! Today we reached an incredible 13,000 likes on Facebook, which is just as many people in Blantyre itself of voting age! Many of these people are from beyond Blantyre and indeed all over the world. Thank you all for such tremendous support and helping make Blantyre’s History Archives so successful. I can’t believe sometimes the reach on each post. Having your commentary against each post from a selection of 13,000 people, who lived this history is just amazing! I’ve learned more from you all than any document or newspaper.

With such a massive equal avid history reader following on Twitter, I have high hopes for this page to continue growing. On a sidenote, out of 10 pages I manage on facebook, I’m thrilled to have TWO Blantyre pages ranked officially amongst the most popular.  The only 2 that are non profit. There are so many other fantastic local pages, each with a similar huge reach.

1. Redburn Farm Inn, 18776
2. Blantyre Project, 13026
3. Crossbasket Castle, 9862
4. Blantyre Telegraph, 9491
5. Carrigan’s Blantyre, 8,801
6. Blantyre Buynsell, 8142
7. Yankee Candelina Store, 7416
8. Parkville Hotel, 6405

Thank you for your attention and interest every day. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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