TV Donation to Blantyre Library

tvscreenAs well as books bought in the Gala days this month, it was a great month online too, with 90 Blantyre Project books sold in June 2017 to several different countries.
The royalties of this are going entirely towards a brand new large HD Smart TV for Blantyre Library.
Library staff approached me last year about providing history to the masses and we agreed putting it on a TV screen, is the best way forward. I think its a great charitable cause and have promised the library, if SLC provided new electrical sockets in a suitable location, I would fund the TV itself, pre-loading it with Blantyre Project watermarked images and some quality stories, for people of all ages to see at their leisure.
However, funding is not quite there for this expensive piece of equipment, but is well underway. For the next few weeks, I’ll be calling upon the help of my sister website, “Blantyre Telegraph” to ensure the TV can be bought outright and donated to the Library, something I am confident of. I remain absolutely committed to this cause and thank everybody that helped this worthwhile goal edge very much closer.

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