The Gaffer, by Joe Corrie


“The Gaffer” by Joe Corrie

For many a year, I ha’e worked doon below,
but never in bits, that are wet or low,
For I make it my business, wherever I go,
aye to keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

I was just a wee laddie, when plain I could see,
that some had it easy, as easy as could be,
so I thought to mysel’, that the best thing for me,
was to try and keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

Noo, the boss at that time, was a Mason o’ men,
so I scrimpit and saved, seven shillin’ and ten.
then bravely I bearded, the goat in its den,
aw’ tae keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

The next boss I had was a musical man,
he stood like a sodger, and waggled a wand,
so I learned the Cornet and played in the band,
Jist tae keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

The next was a cratur, o’ a different stamp,
a Colonel in Chief, o’ the Salvation camp,
so I got him to save me, and I carried his lamp,
aw tae keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

The last was a punter, a horse racin man,
so I laid doon my Bible, and followed his plan,
but it came to an end, wi’ my shirt in the pawn,
aw tae keep in, wi’ the Gaffer.

So I’ll follow the Gaffer wherever he goes.
I’ll say aye tae his ayes, and naw tae his naws,
for I’ll lose my job and hoose in the Raws,
should I fa’ oot, wi’ the Gaffer.



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