Blantyre Children Rhymes Part 1 of 3


1948 kids play at Priory row blantyre

1948 Kids play at Priory Row Colliery

Looking back to simpler times in the children’s playground, Blantyre children, like many in Scotland would play games with chalk marks in the pavement and playground. Games like hopscotch, flipping pennies and marbles would complement the most popular pastimes of football and skipping ropes. Children would make up rhymes and chants to set their own games aside as being different from others. Sometimes they would be very personal to people in Blantyre and could often be rude. Some of the localised children’s rhymes included the following aimed clearly at playfully mocking teachers of the time in the early 1900’s:

Nessie’s School, a Bonnie Wee School,
Its buildit up wi’ plaister,
Only thing that’s wrang wi this school,
is its baldy heided maister!

Ringa ringa roses, cuppa cuppa shell,
The Dug’s away tae Hamilton tae buy a new bell,
If ye don’t tak it, ah’ll tak it masel,
ringa ringa roses, cuppa cuppa shell.

Did YOU have a school rhyme for playtime? Can you remember it? Please share with us.

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Betty McLean Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off her head chopped her head chopped off. On a cold and frosty morning. Looking back not a nice thing to sing about.
Bill Graham Our we school’s the best wee school, its made wa bricks and mortar, The only thing that’s wrang wa it is the bawldy headed master. He goes to the pub on a Saturday and he goes to church on Sunday to pray tah god tah gee him strength tah murder the wains on Monday.
Bill McGregor PK chewing gum, penny a packet, first you chew it, then you crack it
Bill McGregor Then you stick it on yer jacket. pk chewing gum penny a packet.
Hugh Nelson catholic rats eat the cats two for tuppence hapenny prodae dogs eat the frogs two for tupence hapenny
Hugh Nelson tarzan in the jungle pickin up grass along comes an elephant and kicks him up the bum

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