Russo’s Grocers, Glasgow Road


1979 Millars Building Glasgow Rd

Russo, Mr. Amerigo – or Rigo for short was the owner of former Russo’s Grocers shop on Glasgow Road. He had a strong Italian accent and black wavy hair. His wife also worked in the shop.

They lived at a cottage near Rosendale on Auchinraith Road. Rigo may have served with the British Army in Korea. Rigo was also high up in the Casa D’Italia in Glasgow, which was an Italian social club and later as the Italian consulate.

The family were well liked including their son Adrian who assisted also in the shop and who went to St Joseph’s School. Adrian Russo now lives on Stonefield Road. Rigo’s daughter Carla also went to St Joseph’s and became a schoolteacher at St Blanes. Rigo may have acquired the chip shop in Springwell in the 1970’s, although this remains unproven.

Russo’s Grocers – was a former mid 20th Century grocers shop in the lower floor of 2-storey Millar’s tenements on the north side of Glasgow Road, between John Street and Clark Street. During the 1960’s and 1970’s it was adjacent to a small laundrette named Glencairn. Italian, Amerigo “Rigo” Russo owned it and it is known to also have sold sweets and Pasha Cigarettes.

When you walked in the shop there was a counter to the right that sold cigarettes, newspapers and Wishbone scratch off lottery cards. A counter to the left that sold fruit and veg and a counter at the far end that sold sweets and newspapers again. The shop was a casualty of the late 1970’s development of Glasgow Road.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Tom McGuigan I used to collect the newspapers from the Railway Station on a Saturday evening and take them to the shop. I don’t remember that they took over the chip shop in Springwells.
Carol Crombie Used to nip in for sweets before church
Kirsty Merchant Love the photo! The Stepek shop next door, is that the same Stepek as the Glen, Hutchison, Robertson and Stepek? I’d love to know more about that shop too.
Terry Hughes I spoke with Adrain recently, His father did serve in Korea with the Army. And also they did own the Chippy in Springwells. They also owned a chippy in Uddingston although i`m unsure if they still do.
Betty McLean I discoved my two brothers smoking and asked where they got the “fags” they said Russo’s. I threatened to go and complain to Russo, thinking it would stop them from buying more but it never did LOL
Mary Kane I’d love to know more about the Stepek shop in the photo as well. I went to Holy Cross High School in Hamilton with a John Stepek whose family owned a electrical/furniture shop in Hamilton. Any connection with them?
John Daly Yes. I went to Holy Cross too with one of Jan Stepek’s sons. They stayed in Auchingrament Road in Hamilton. They owned a chain of electrical retail shops across Lanarkshire. Jan Stepek was also involved with Hamilton Accies at one point.
The Blantyre Project Mary and John – I have extensive detailed notes on Stepek and their rise to success. I will post in due course.
Mary Kane Thanks. Much appreciated.
Alex Houston Notice the shop name
John Breen I think half of Blantyre rented thief their first colour telly out of stepek
Anne Mackie Dont think the council did us any favours in getting rid of the wee shops
Marie Rooney Bought my first musiccentre from Stepek, with my wages from The Asda 😁
Stephen Allan What chip shop in Springwell and what is there now?


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  2. I remember this shop very well !!! I went to school in St. Joseph,s with their daughter Carla….Happy Times !!

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