James Lindsay, grappler


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Mr James Lindsay, 25 Elmpark Terrace, Airbles Street, Motherwell was the finder of the body of a boy named Brennan, who was drowned at Clyde Bridge on the night of Wednesday 30th June 1926. Two years prior to that, when for the better part of a week a boating party searched the Clyde for the body a boy named M’Guire, who had been drowned there, Mr Lindsay was a member the boating party, and in 1925 he was engaged in the same capacity when a boy from Millburn Street was drowned at the same spot.

Mr Lindsay was a man who in his younger days travelled far and wide. A native of Blantyre, he was born in a house next door to that in which Dr. David Livingstone, the famous missionary and explorer, had his birthplace. As a young man he was employed with a firm of engineers who had contracts in different parts of the world.

He saw WW1 service in France, and at the close of the war went back to the pits. The other who took a prominent part in the grappling operations on Wednesday night was Peter Smith, a young miner, residing at Parkneuk.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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