1978 Temporary Caravans

caravanIn March 1978, the council was renovating 92 homes in the Village. They decided to move in 12 caravans to house some of the families in turn whilst their homes were worked on.

This looks like 92 families spent several weeks or months at a time, taking turns in the caravans, using them as temporary homes.

Can anybody remember this? Were you or anybody you know affected? Where exactly were the caravans and what was life like in them? Which homes were being renovated?

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Michelle Devine My family was one of them we were put in to a caravan we stayed in village and I was 2 years old at time x
Tracey Cameron A remember my auntie was in one right next door to the village bar xx
John Cornfield Aye in on the waste ground that’s now the overspill car park Tyre MaGuires Shug and Mick Rouse the Lattas Moira Hunter the Lannigan family The Mc Ateers the Pollocks i remember it quite well
Peter Kelly Can’t remember that, but do remember my gran and granda being moved from their house, in Victoria Street, around the corner into Small Crescent, whilst the council renovated their home. Maybe just before the council renovated the houses in the Village. Obviously the council were doing work in a number of houses around this time.
Ann Maxwell My family in Calder Street went to the ones on the grass where ST Josephs school is now can’t say what year.
Thomas Izzett That was later. 91ish maybe?
Michael Mcginley The caravans were placed on the site that was once was prefabs
John Cornfield I beg to differ Michael but the only prefabs that I know of in that area were the ones that Thomas Barrett and I lived in at the top of Kerr street and across from Bruce Terrace where the Park lane houses are now
The decant caravans were at the train station overspill car park I was in the 1 the MaGuire family were in
Michael Mcginley John having lived in a prefab in Kerr st , after moving from the village then back to the village I can assure you there were prefabs in the village
John Cornfield Can’t remember them maybe I’m to young lol
Rab Graham There where prefabs just off station Road across the road from the gates to the park
John Cornfield Aye that’s them there was 1 lane where the new St Joes ps is now and the McLaughans and The infamous story tellers of Blantyre stayed their Jimmy and Jake those of a certain age will know who I mean lol
John Cornfield The bordered farm road the dandy station rd and the old St Joes the only street name i can remember was Centre Street and of course park Lane families that lived in these prefabs Cox Cornfield, Barrett’s , Grant , Mc Allister ,young , Smith , Stokes , McLauglan and many more I left here when I was 4or 5 and moved to Camelon Crescent
William Mullen walk thou prefabs from too n from skool. by jake n jimmys
John Cornfield lol Hog you must’ve been in the caravans as well
William Mullen we moved 75 but was in wee tyres maws lol they all done well thou
Alan Crichton I remember there were caravans in park lane around 1991
Elizabeth Farid we lived in one i remember it as being part of my childhood lol we lived in viewfield avenue , i remember thinking we were on our holidays at the end of the street i used to go on my roller boots up and down the long slabbed path we lived second from the end on the left hand side at the bottom , thn our house was broken in to n all the copper piping was stolen we got an extra month or so in our holiday home we loved it .. childhood memories
Betty Brown Don,t forget the Stanley Hotel, was pulled down for the new houses.💷💷💷
Betty Brown There was prefabs right accross from living stones, then this Stanley was built, y canny remember who own it.
John Cornfield William Reid owned the Stanley hotel along with a partner
Was the Stanley not built on the site of what we called the bleach works we used to jump over the wall here and steal either wooden bottle crates for our fire when we were swimming at the dam or for wine/ champagne bottles to make traps for baggies

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