Sun House Takeaway & Offsales


screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-20-34-54Sun House – Takeaway and offsales. A Chinese takeaway with address 249- 251 Glasgow Road, G72 0YS on its south side. The business established in 1976 and was initially located further up Glasgow Road not far from Herbertson Street and the Priory Bar.

By the 1980’s, following Glasgow Road redevelopment, it was at that new location which had previously been several businesses, including McNally’s Chip shop, the Copper Kettle Cafe and the Shat-In Chinese Takeaway.

Sun House was formerly in a tall 3-storey building, but the upper floors were demolished, some say by hand, stone by stone following a fire.

Sun House also delivered cigarettes and alcohol, and indeed people of Blantyre are known to order just 1 bag of chips to validate their delivery of booze and fags too. Indeed, it was noted that by ordering food with the order, it arrived faster to ensure the food didn’t get cold! The curries are reputed to be very good.

A Mrs Lee owns the Sun House, at one time did also own another takeaway across the road, but not anymore, retaining only the Sun House.

In February 2017, planning permission was given to change the use of the Sun House to become a café, sandwich shop as well as takeway.

Pictured in November 2015, is the Sun House. From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017


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Louise Gibson Our favourite Take away.
Liza Gardner Many a good memory… a chips and curry sauce.. bottle of vodka, 12 beers, cider, etc..
Emma-Louise Hay We never ordered chips with our drink! 😂😂😂😂
Linda Ross O’Donnell My hubby keeps saying it was a restaurant,put me out of my misery Paul please
Isabella Johnston McShane Yeah at one time it was hard to get a table in the restaurant after a night out
Carol-Ann Bate It was a restaurant at one time
Graham Anderson Remember getting Friday/Saturday night carry oot on tick from the brilliant wee lady that worked in there. She was a star.
Mary Crowe Used to be Columba Club
Liane Prentice I was taken to the restaurant for after my first day at school x
John Cornfield Defo a restaurant remember being in here with Mick McCormick face in the curry a bit worse for wear
Later on TC Tam Cambell worked as a steward here a bouncer in a restaurant unreal
Gerald Kellachan It was the original post office , and a where the carry out it was a small electrical shop which sold 78 records .
Ray Couston Greg McGill That’s weird! I was just telling you about the “chips with the drinks order” thing other day! I thought it was just me and my mates… 😂
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I remember from when it was the Copper Kettle Cafe. Then when it became the Shat Inn Restaurant. Where have all the years gone
Ray Couston Where are they extending to make space for a café or is the Sun House closing as a Chinese takeaway?
Stephen Allan It’s a good Chinese.
Kirsty Neil Tracey Donaghy remember we used to order chips and gravy, Buckfast and 20 Club Kingsize ?

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