1966 Robert Potter & Flora Dickson


1966 Robert Potter & Flora Dickson wmMargaret Faulds kindly shared this lovely photo. Many people with Auchentibber connections will instantly remember Robert Potter and Flora Dickson, two very well known local characters, who just happened to be husband in wife.

This happy photo is their wedding day on 24th February 1966 and their story is an interesting one.

Robert Potter was brought up in Auchentibber. Born in 1900, he left High Blantyre to go and live in Australia in 1923, a time when Auchentibber was going through some large changes. He did so, leaving behind his childhood sweetheart, Flora.

In 1965, still in Australia, he retired and decided to come to Scotland for a holiday, particularly to see the changes to Blantyre. In May 1965, he came to Auchentibber again, the place of his childhood and it was there he called upon Flora, sharing their memories.

In the picture Robert Potter or Bob as he was known was 66 years old and married Flora at High Blantyre Old Parish Church, marrying his sweetheart Flora Dickson of Broomhouse Farm , aged 63. Sixty guests attended the wedding in High Blantyre then later at a reception in Hamilton. After the wedding, he told reporters, “I think we will be living in Scotland. I don’t think I’ll go back to Australia , but that depends on the weather.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Alan Baird i knew them both very well , they were a lovely couple very much devoted to each other
Paul Veverka That’s a great photo!
Elizabeth Lovatt I remember them both well…..
Lisa Ashford-Potter I can not thank you enough for sharing this post so we can see and read about our great Uncle Robert and Aunt Flora on their wedding day. I have many photos of our family but not this one of a special uncle, and the family legend of their wonderful lovSee more
Mary Grace What a lovely photo I remember uncle robert
Janeen Worthington Garbutt Mum an my daughter Kelli went an stayed with them in 1981
Barb Hicks How wonderful, thank you Paul for sharing great memories of our family.💖
The Blantyre Project Robert looks a kind man. Such a happy picture.

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