1926 Boys Narrow Escape


1930-bus-chieftainJohn Boyd was a miner who lived at 177 Glasgow Road in the early part of last Century.

In On Saturday 23rd October 1926, his 6 year old son had a narrow escape from  death.

The boy had been to a baker’s shop, and in crossing to his home just opposite he allowed a bus to pass by him, but upon stepping out into Glasgow Road afterwards, he failed to observe that another was coming close behind. The bus travelling at speed, caught the child in front, knocking him down flat on the road. However, his life was saved by the prompt action of the driver, who suddenly swerved into a side street and halted.

The boy had been knocked down to the ground, clipped by the front of the bus, but, fortunately, he had been between the wheels and had stayed down whether intentionally or not as the pass passed clean over him. His injuries consisted of a deep cut on the head.

As frightened onlookers ran to the scene, they were most “relieved” to see injuries rather than a lifeless body in the road. They attended to him immediately by calling for medical help.

Do you know who this lucky boy was? He would have been born in 1920, second name Boyd.

Pictured from the era is a bus similar to the one that knocked down the young boy.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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