Kakta Ancestry


Anthony Smith sent me these 2 certificates relating to the purchase of a lair and interment of his grandfather ay High Blantyre Cemetery in the 1950s. Anthony said “these were up my loft and belonged to my grandfather”.

The name on the certificate is Nickodemus Kakta, an unusual name and not one I’ve seen before in researching Blantyre. It is clear from the lack of records that the family were not in Blantyre prior to 1930. Perhaps Anthony could fill us in a little more?

However, I did manage to find out some facts. Juliana Kakta was born 1879, died 20th June 1949 aged 70 years. Nickodemus Kakta born 1876, died 4 years after his wife on 2nd March 1953, aged 77. I found the gravestone of the Kakta family in High Blantyre Cemetery which was put up in 1949 and confirms these details and have since sent this photo to Anthony. showing him where his grandparents were buried. Pleased I did too, for Anthony had not seen it before.


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