Clydeview Shopping Centre – Demolition

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 22.55.58Read the latest update on how Asda propose to deal with so many of their empty units on Clydeview Shopping Centre. Finally some confirmed news directly from Asda representatives.

Blantyre Community Council has been in discussion with Asda to discuss the future of the Clydeview Shopping Centre and a further meeting was held on 11th April 2017.

At the meeting, Asda highlighted proposals for the redevelopment of the shopping area on Glasgow Road. The main proposals include:

- Addition of a small shopping unit to the petrol station which would enable people to pay by cash and purchase snacks such as crisps and juice
–  Construction of a unit on the land behind the petrol station
–  Demolition of the east side of Clydeview shopping centre (the side which currently houses RBS and KAOS) and revamp the exterior of the west side of the shopping centre. The shops would be accommodated in the vacant units within the west side of the shopping centre
–  Building of new units on the east side of Clydeview shopping centre
–  The Asda superstore and the car park would receive its upgrade in conjunction with
the works Blantyre Community Council has considered the proposals and have decided the following:
–  Consult on the proposals with the wider Blantyre community through a range of means, including an online questionnaire and a public meeting
–  Engage with the occupants of the existing units to gain their views on the regeneration proposals Blantyre Community Council is committed to representing the community, keeping a positive dialogue with Asda and ensuring that the future of the shopping centre is secured.

The chairperson of Blantyre Community Council, Michael Mcglynn said: ‘I am satisfied that the community council and the residents of Blantyre will have the opportunity to shape the redevelopment proposals from Asda’.

The consultation between the community council and Asda is a direct result of the online petition set up by Amanda Dawson which highlighted the plight of the shopping area.

On social media:

Michelle Doherty See if it’s going to help and bring more people to open up there small shops all for it but asda needs to reduce the rent better that than nothing when sitting emtpy
Marian Maguire Asda has done nothing for the look of Blantyre, no parking at the front, for those who want to just nip in for a takeaway etc. Landscaping at the front terrible, this used to be a busy part of Blantyre looking into our beautiful park. Give Blantyre something to lift the area and make it desirable area to shop, look at areas in Glasgow that have been completely transformed. Blantyre deserves this.
Bernadette Watt Asda needs to reduce rent/rates on these units Why demolish some of them Use the money to upgrade existing ones and charge less
Annette McMahon Cambridge About time something was done it’s like some ghost town and makes our wee town look un-kept
Fiona MacFarlane The starting rent is about £18k per annum. They don’t want folk in the units, if they did, the rents would have been dropped dramatically.

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