Inside Masonic Lodge 599


1960s-inside-masoni-599-by-gc-wmThis incredible photo shows the inside of the former Masonic Hall in Glasgow Road.

I’m probably breaking all sorts of rules by showing the inside of a Masonic Hall, but I can breathe easier knowing this particular hall was demolished just after 1977 as part of the Glasgow Road redevelopment.

The hall was constructed in 1904. On Saturday 21st May that year, they were at that point in the building when the foundation stone should be ceremonially placed in position on Glasgow Road.

Time Capsule

A jar containing newspapers of the day and other documents was meant to be sealed in the cavity behind the stone bar but by some strange omission the usual coins of the realm had been neglected. Major Ness came to the rescue and immediately offered a commemorative set of coins presented to him during the Jubillee of Queen Victoria, a great sacrifice as the coins were of value and could not be replaced.

It is not known if the jar containing them was ever recovered when the old hall was demolished in 1977 and I fear ended up amongst the construction rubble.

Colour photos of the windows are available on Blantyre Project thanks to Bill Andrew. With thanks also to Gordon Cook for a copy of the interior photo.

Partly from “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Neil Maureen Kielty Glad to hear it
Thomas Barrett Is it true they sealed the builders up aswel?
Karen Goggin-Wilson Thanks for posting this! I have two old photos from Blantyre. My Gt Grandfather William Crane (1859-1926) and his son Robert Crane (1880- ) are posed separately in their Masonic Regalia which includes a Sash that displays “BKL 557”. Is there any historical information that would identify this or members information? I believe it might be an earlier Lodge than the one pictured in your Hamilton post.
The photos may have been taken abt 1910. . 1920. Robert’s photo has the name of a Photographer in the lower corner.
“Wm. Elsmore
4 St Enoch Square Glasgow”
Several of William’s children immigrated to America including my Grandfather William and his brother Robert. Gt Grandfather traveled to visit his children but returned to Scotland where he died in 1926.
Andy Paterson LBK 557. Lodge Blantyre Kilwinning 557
Kenny Beecroft I remember your dad being on the chair in 557 Andy . Must have been about 1983/4 or so ?
Andy Paterson 82/83, Kenny.
Fred Slater Amazing

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