1975 Stonefield Park Pond


1975-stonefield-public-park-wmSo here’s a question! When did the Boating Pond in Stonefield Public Park close for good?

This photo shows it drained in 1975, which was actually an annual occurrence to clean it out before it opened each summer. The pond opened the same week as the start of the School holidays and closed again when schools returned. Β What about the wee light blue, oval pond close up to Station Road? I have that closing around 1980, but seek your advice from memories or otherwise. Thanks.


1939 Open air pool

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Debi Bell I was born in 1981 and I can remember playing in that light blue oval pool when I was young, so it was later than that
Leaha Anderson They still had things happening when I was wee and I was born in 1987 x
John Cavanagh I’ve got some great memories of the pond and the boats me and my pals must have spent all summer in the park in the early 70s
Sammy Healey I was born in 1987 and remember playing the blue pool
Peter Kelly Perhaps nearer 1990 than 1980.
Claire Cameron I was born in 85 and can remember playing in it. Wish they would bring something like this back to blantyre instead of the daft climbing frame that coz more of a risk to children.
Terri Daly Dani Creechan remember we got pushed in this πŸ˜‚ had to walk home soaked xxx
Dani Creechan Haha. Jeez oh. I remember! We had to go home on our bikes like two wee drowned rats. We were distraught! πŸ˜‚β€ Xoxo
Helen Robb I was born in the Stone Age and loved watching people having fun on the little boats. Seems like a life time ago. Xxx πŸ˜‚
John Cavanagh I was thinking the same thing Helen must be getting old
Helen Robb We sure are John, feeling my age these days, lol. The young ones have missed out on so much as I am thankfully old enough to remember Blantyre as it used to be, all the old ” tinaments” as my mother used to pronounce it, lol, all the old shops, post office with the huge clock, yes, glad I was born early enough to have actually seen the ‘old Blantyre’. X
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Me too, it’s such a shame that Blantyre has changed so much. Especially the public park. The wee swing park an the big swing park. The pond and boating pins. The putting green. All the gorgeous flower beds. What a waste. My oldest daughter is 32 and always says that Blantyre looked better back then. She’s right and we are lucky to have grown up within it x
Helen Robb Definitely, it’s an eyesore now compared to what it used to be. Xxx
Margaret Anne Hendry Brings back great memories playing in the wee blue Pond in the 70s eh Gail Aitchison and Caroline Kirkwood x
Joanne Smart Margaret i remember we played there when i was on my holidays, happy day πŸ™‚
Margaret Anne Hendry Aww sorry Joanne i should have tagged u as well xx
Gail Aitchison Plenty of fun times and memories x
Stuart Tremble I think both the boating pond & paddling pool were done away with around 97-98. Coming back from working in Germany in 96 with a 3yr old they were deffo still there then.
The Blantyre Project wow. I had no idea it was as late as that. I think i just lost interest after 1980 or so. Cant remember seeing it at all in the 80s, but clearly from these comments it was there.
Kenny Mallan I was born 1980 and attended St Joseph’s Primary from 85-92 and can vividly remember both being there throughout that time.
locally as the stud or herts laun. This building housed Peter valerios ice cream parlour, Jimmy Cleary the barber, the cosy corner, the central bar, Peter Craig the butchers aSee more
Steven Shanks And the putting green next to the boating pond, got the clubs out of the wee green shed next to it.
Robert Anthony Lindsay The guy with the dodgy hand ffs memories….. remember him think it was an artificial one he had….
Tracey Cameron Such a sad loss to this park wish it was still there memories
Jacqueline Flynn I was born in 80 and can remember playing in that wee blue pond. Can actually remember I cut my foot in it, on a bit of glass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Elizabeth Ann Ward My son was born 98 and the pond was still there….I’ve got pics of him sitting beside it when he’s about a year old ☺
John Breen Do u remember the tilted flower garden to the left by the putting garden
David Baillie Everytime in the 70s when we want down to visit my papa in Bruce terrice he used to take use up there sailing a toy boat good tomes
Anne Mackie probably Health and safety had something to do with it closing xxx
Paul Black I remember cutting my foot in the wee blue pond & being carried up to Glasgow Road to get a taxi home, then onto hairmyres for 6 stitches-I think that was the Miners Welfare Gala Day!
Liz Smith My daughter was born 79 and it was there be for then a used to take her there xx
Jim Crossan The boating pond was open when the school was in. I cut my thumb open to the bone on one of the handles in a boat when I was at St Josephs. The woman in the fishmongers on Glasgow rd. put a plaster on it because the guy in the boating shed didn’t have any.
Margaret Brown I loved the boating pond. I was born in 84 & remember it well. It was always my goal to walk around it without falling in! πŸ˜‚
Ian McNaughton Think it was done away with in 1997
James Nicholl It was done away late 90’s / early 00’s around the same time they repaved the main street and changed the shop fronts. The park was ‘redeveloped’ into a big bit of grass really.
James Nicholl And the name changed then also from stonefield park to McAnulty park. Same time they built that big sculpture thing beside the traffic lights at sports centre
Nicola Crowe i remember being the on the boats in the early 90s
Ashleigh Aitchison Nicola Allan Egan one pedal boat for 10 of usπŸ˜‚
Stephen Allan The boating pond was still there when I was at high school which was from 1996-2002. I think it was mid 2000s that it was removed but cant remember exactly.
Rab Graham Brings back memories of the 50s 60s
Rose Lee Here’s another Q. When did the Kirkton park pool go out of use? The was filled in?
Martha Brown I lived in john street it was so handy 2 play there i went 2 nessies school dont remember when the pond closed my grand father worked in park he lost his leg after he was kicked by a horse xx
Joe Gough I lived in John Street till i was about 9 and then my parents got a pre-fab in Park Lane. My father was a councillor and used to hold some ” soap-box ” meetings in the park.
John Berry God i mind havin happy times at the park specialy sinkin the boats lol
Joan Adams Does anyone remember when the pond was frozen and we could go ice skating that was the days. My uncle was the gardener for the flower beds.
Stiofan Gallcobair It was still there in the summer of 1977.
David Mackie Late 80s for blue pool
Robert Anthony Lindsay Come in no.6 yer times up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wee Davie Poneszkis worked in the boating shed…used to take my pet frog to the wee blue pool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Debbie McMillan Late 90s start of 2000 this was done away with, since the parks been redone its fell to bits. Bring back the old park
Stephen Canavan My wee da whas the parky you can just see his wee hut at top of picture
Catherine Whitefield Great memories

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