1970’s Buffet, delivered in style

Dennis Kane shared a short story with me which made me smile.

Picture 001 QC by CWL

He messaged me, “Here’s a short story about a man who worked as a driver for the Co-op across from the timber houses,(i was the van boy). In the early 1970’s this man would come to work in a black Rolls Royce Car on the odd occasion (I don’t remember his name). Well one day, we had to deliver a small catered dinner for a funeral in East Kilbride but the van had broke down.

That day, everything was loaded into the available Rolls Royce, plates, cups and saucers, cutlery, mashed potatoes, peas and steak pie! At the time a R/R meant nothing to me it was just a big car, but the ladies who were waiting the tables sure got a kick out of it! Cheers, Dennis Kane.”

Photo for illustration only.

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Jim McSorley Was his name Marshal Jeffrey
Moyra Lindsay I don’t remember a Rolls Royce. Bobby Dunsmuir??
Moyra Lindsay Dennis Kane I am Willie Stewart’s daughter, he was the mechanic in the yard and lived above the store ( no 5).
Jim McSorley Hi moyra do you have any old photos to share of the yard and bakery. I remember your dad well. The house in auchinraith road I see is still there. The only building left of that great place
Moyra Lindsay Hi Jim I’ve looked for them for Bobby Dunsmuir. I had slides of all the vans when they were repainted and my dad lined them up and photographed them. He thought they were his! I I’ll look again, we are decorating at the moment and once everything is back to “normal” I will do a search. Jim , was your mother Jessie?
Betty Brown Ma uncle wellie was a baker there, he baked ma wedding cake.
It was pale blue three teir and pale blue, it was the talk of blantyre🎂🎂🎂🎂👍
Moyra Lindsay Willie Allan?

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