1955 Bus at Hunthill Road


This photo is from 1955. Taken 62 years ago, it’s somewhat of a coincidence, for that may just be the very number of the bus turning down into Stonefield Crescent. This wintery scene is captured from a garden in Hunthill Road and looks up towards the Cornerstone, when once a railway bridge crossed over Hunthill Road.


Practically nothing is left in this photo today with exception of the gardens to the right. The building on the left, Calderview gone. The lampposts gone. The Railway Bridge gone. The Garage behind the bus, gone. It looks a harsh winter. Today there is a modern housing estate at the top of Stonefield Crescent and modern 1970s homes on the left at Hunthill Road.

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Jack Owens 62 ran from Hamilton to Glasgow but was replaced by the 96 which at first ran from Hamilton to Stonefied Rd Calder Street corner. 96 (deadwood stage) run extended and ran to Livingstones. 62 kept running but came straight through Burnbank along Glasgowroad to Glasgow.
Mary Crowe Great photo, remember that bridge
John Lynaghan Was it not the 63 bus that came through high Blantyre down stone field road then on to Glasgow road
Maureen Friery Moran Yes, it was the 63.
John Lynaghan My memory is not that bad then thank you Maureen
The Blantyre Project how quickly i forgot that. Lived in that street for half my life. It was the 63 that ran down that road. 62 was indeed Glasgow Road, i would need to get off at Old Original if ever on that one.
Jim McSorley Yes it was took it to St blanes school every day
Maisie Whittaker I think it was the 63
David Baillie My papa was a bus driver in blantyre in the 1950s to the 1960s I think
David Downie That bus is not the style of the 63. I thinlk it may have been its predecessor the 21.
The Blantyre Project thanks David. Hope you’re well. I’ve been looking into Downie history and some posts about the Downie’s of High Blantyre in the 19th Century are scheduled here in the Summer.
David Downie Thank you for that. I look forward to seeing them.
Jim McSorley I took the 63 bus from 1964 until I left high school ( the joes) 1972 from high Blantyre to stone field road

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