1967 More Wedding Photos


Annette Frew & William Young, 1967 Blantyre Wedding

These 3 wedding photos are from 1967, continuing a look at the expanding wedding photo archive on Blantyre Project. I don’t have any information about the couples but I suspect that at least Stewart Russell, Annette Frew and Margaret Wood are  from Blantyre, possibly some of the others too. These three couples celebrated marrying in Blantyre during early 1967, in January, I believe.

Do you know the people in these happy photos or even better, able to tag them? This is slightly more modern history than I usually post on the page, so of course if any of the people in the photos want their photos removed from the archive for any reason, or taken down from here, I will of course comply.

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Moyra Lindsay Stewart Russell lived on Main Street. We bought his brothers flat in The Dales in 1966. The had a family business ..plasterers I think.

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