Auchentibber Memoirs Part 8

Auchentibber quoiting green 1919

Quoiting Green Auchentibber 1919

Continuing our look at the memoirs and research by former Auchentibber resident Flora Dickson Potter. This time, discussing the quoiting green and the sport itself. In her written words, recorded before she passed away:

“The quoiting club of Auchentibber was instituted in 1900, probably before the Inn ownership passed into the hands of JBH Struthers and whenever the green was made it was certainly before 1912 for it appears on the ordnance survey map of that year. Quoiting was a game which was popular in the county districts of Scotland and had been for a long time but it was particularly associated with the mining communities, which bred men from sufficient strength to throw the heavy iron “kites”. 

These quoits were iron rings developed from the horse show and they were usually six pounds in weight but not more than nine. They were thrown at a steel pin, known as the hob which was fixed into a bed of clay three feet in diameter. It could be played between 2 individuals, pairs or teams at two ends about 18 yards away. Two points were awarded if this was achieved and one point for a near miss. Bets were laid on the skill of individual players and stakes could be as much as £40 for a side. 

Over the years the Auchentibber men, who played in the Lanarkshire league and took part in the Scottish Quoiting Association draw, gained many prizes including cups in 1927 and 1928.”

(c) Blantyre Project, shared here with permission from Janet Cochrane.

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