1963 Kelly’s Cobblers


1963 Kellys Cobblers wm.jpgThis photo was taken in 1963 and shows Kelly’s Cobblers on Glasgow Road. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Kelly’s was a cobbler business located at 256 Glasgow Road, on the north side not far from the junction of Station Road. Mr Kelly was a master shoemaker and was initially based at the corner of Calder Street and Victoria Street, (now where the Little Tearoom is). During the 1970s, Kellys at the Glasgow Road location was knocked through with the adjacent Grays Ironmongers Hardward Store to the west and become a grocers, then later Bailey’s Wine Store then Victoria Wines in the 1980s. It is now the Good Taste Chinese Takeaway.

Next door, to the east was Collins Bakery and further along, Birrel’s Sweet shop.

Do you remember Kelly’s or Grays Hardware? Can you tell me anything else about the shops? Was the building on the left of this Mr Wood’s Doctors’ Surgery? Thanks for your help.

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Helen Grieve Yes the premises next door was Dr Gordon and Dr Wood’s surgery.
John Lynaghan Yeah surgery was next door
Joan Anderson Don’t remember an appointment system in those days – sit on the bench and move up till it was your turn
Lisa Martin Remember the cobbler up Stonefield road nxt to where Scot mid is
Michael Mcginley The Surgery Had a tropical fish tank built into the wall so you could watch the fish while waiting your turn
Gordon Mather Yes it was Dr Colville and Woods practice, Biggins the dentist was next door. I remember the area well, from 1963 to 1977 we stayed directly above the Doctors. I’m sure the Broadway burned down around 1971 we were evacuated that night. Templeton’s Supermarket replaced it around 1974.
Colin Duffy I remember going to Dr Colville to get my head stitched when I fell in playground at school my gran took me to the surgery instead of the hospital I was always in that surgery through the years
Jackie MacDonald Re Dr Colville well. Lovely big man.
Jackie MacDonald Hugh Biggins the Dentist. Often known as the Blantyre Butcher. Wore a blue hygiene jacket. Had white hair and moustache. Think he came from Larkhall. 
Must admit I liked going to dentist then.
Jackie MacDonald The Doctors n dentist was on opposite side of road next to Birrels n Broadway.

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