1963 Glasgow Road, Toll Brae


This photo is from 1963 and features Glasgow Road looking eastwards down the Toll Brae, so named for the Toll House in the previous century was where the building stands in the foreground. McWilliams Grocers at the corner in this photo where today the barbershop is.

There’s a real divide to this photo. All the buildings on the left remain today. All the buildings on the right, including the imposing, massive Stonefield Parish Church in the background, are of course now gone.

Whats your memories of the buildings in this photo?

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Caroline McDougall This is the way Blantyre looked when I used to walk home from school. Why did it have to change xx
Jack Owens Vincie’s fish and chips where the kids are Hamilton’s greengrocer ‘s van Wullie Weir the bookie’s Austin facing up the road on the left, Gibson’s corner shop at the school corner.
Stewart Willis Agnes and John Hamilton were my grandparents. I spent many a happy child Hood weekend working in that shop with my mum and dad, my gran and my uncle Robert. Mid 70s it was for me with Maguires, Mauchline s the paper shop. Still Mr Lombari family had tSee more

Stewart Willis Ps this wee shop had the lot as you can see from the picture
Cecil Willis Very happy days
Stephen Allan I’m guessing whoever bought the chippie from Vince Lombardi renamed it Double D as that’s what I remember it before it was Grahams and going back to early 90s.
Marion Robertson Hi Stewart Willis, lovely pic of your uncle Robert, I remember him well fond memories of the shop with Agnus too, In later years I worked beside Duncan in Rutherglen, was Duncan your cousin ?
Stewart Willis Duncan was my mums cousin
Marion Robertson I worked in CMT Industrial Clothing at Farm Cross back in the 80’s with Duncan, remember your mum Margaret too, Cecil, Agnus and Robert, great folks and good old days xx
David Owens Annefield terrace and going to Aunt Dollie to get a biscuit for my Play piece every school day
Isabel Mcneily Remember Blantyre like this, wish it still did
Jim McDougall Aye this is the auld Blantyre we all love , Wish to God it was just the same
Helen Grieve Oh how it’s changed. 😢 going into Gibson with 1d to spend then on to school. We lived just out of the pic on the right so really handy for school. Happy days.
Linda Kane In the 80s I used to take my boys into Mauchline’s for sweets from the ‘penny tray’
Marion Robertson Hi Jack ,Willie Weir the Bookie was my grandfather, his car is parked behind the van, great memories, I actually remember being in this car when I was 4 years old lol that was 1962 x
Helen Grieve David Owens and jack are my brothers Marion
Marion Robertson I thought that Helen, I remember you telling me your maiden name was Owens, hope your well, and loving the old memories xx
Marion Robertson I grew up in the Lombardi building in Station Rd, I’m still in touch with Carmen, who is a great friend and Vincent Lomardi’s granddaughter, we still reminise about the old days in Station Rd, and keep in touch regularly, happy days xx

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