Ulva Place, Blantyre


Pictured in 1903 looking down Station Road is the Village, Blantyre.

Beyond the circular former gatehouse to Blantyre works, is the Village Bar and behind that the three storey tenements of Ulva Place.

Ulva Place was a former street in theVillage. It was more of a cul de sac. Leading eastwards off of Station Road, to the north of Rosebank Avenue, this small street had large tenements on its north side, which housed many people following the slum clearances of nearby Blantyre works. Built in 1903, the likely constructor of the properties is Mr Angus McQuarrie, who certainly owned the buildings, leasing them out right into the 1920s. The houses were numbered 1 to 4, but subdivided into 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d etc with 6 properties to each of the 4 homes plus 2 others above the shops.

The name Ulva Place appears to be attached to the properties from as soon as they were built. The reference is perhaps related to David Livingstone’s descendants who came from the island of Ulva, over to Blantyre over hundred years earlier.

Amongst the first families to rent from Mr. McQuarrie are noted in 1905 as being the Bensons, Burns, Carmichaels, Gillies, Hendry, Lee, MacClimens, MacDonald, MacGlinchey, MacKay, Maxwell, Muir, Ogilvie, Paterson, Russell, Stewart and Thomsons.


By 1910, the Post Office was situated at the corner of Ulva Place with Station Road, a letter box existing at that location for many decades after. The tenements were not far from the old Blantyre Workd Burial Ground.

According to the valuation roll of 1930, Mrs. Mary McQuarrie then owned Ulva House, a house at 9 Rosebank Avenue, Low Blantyre. She also through inheritance, owned Ulva Place houses at 1, 2, 3, and 4 and also the 2 shops at its corner with 94 Station Road.

These houses provided homes for many, many families. In almost every valuation roll between 1905 and 1930, the family surnames are for the best part different to the previous roll, suggesting people came and went at these homes, most likely as employment opportunities did too around the Blantyre Works area and collieries.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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rene Dickman My dad Harry McDade was born in Ulva place. The window facing up Station Road was the room he was born in. Nice to see this Paul.
Catherine Murphy I lived in 9 Rosebank Avenue in 1971 for a year Terry Conelly own it then he also own another house at the far end my dad Bill Mc Laughlin lived there before moving to the timber town houses
Catherine Murphy Forgot to mention it was when they were just built
Carole Mackie Rickard My paternal Grandfather was born at 1 Ulva Place. I’m told his mother owned a cake/sweet shop in Station Road
Moyra Lindsay My husband was born in Ulva as were both his brothers. I lived there too when I was 6 until I was 12. Everybody seemed to be related to each other.
John Lynaghan Spent many a day playing round the closes of Ulva place had cousins who lived there . Most of the houses in the village and Ulva place the families were related I had loads of cousins living there the Rouses
John Lynaghan Terry Connelly owned 2 houses in Rosebank place that he let out rooms in many a couple started there married life in those houses
John Paterson OMG brought back memories for me as I also stayed in ulva place no 5 I think as I about 3/4 year old
Gord Fotheringham This was a fantastic place to grow up……lovely people ……I was also related to the rouses and many others in this wonderful wee place called the village……
Marie Mc Millan My mum a rouse jean x
Marie Mc Millan My brother lived in terry Connelly house had great time playing in the village xx
Paul Burns My mother was born in Ulva Place.
Archie Peat Army, Corps 800m and 1500m Champion 1971, 1972 and Liverpool Marathon 1980 in 2 hrs 48 mins , my secret ? I walked up the Station Road brae from the prefabs, past Ulva place, to the Railway bridge at least 5 times a day !!
Shirley Lally My mother worked in the corner shop Ethel sullivan
Ann Millar My brother his late wife n weans lived at 1 Ulva Place. Thanx Paul gonna send this photo to ma bro.
Elaine Petriat My first home. Mum ,Dad, big brother Thomas and me. My mum went into hospital in jan. 1968 to have younger sister , while dad moved up to grannys on Stonefield Road for some help with the kids. I believe they never moved back in to Ulva Place because apparently there was a huge storm (jan 1968) that damaged the building. They didnt get to collect any of their belongings. Quite a few of our neighbours(as well as our parents) from Ulva Place were given houses in Winton Crescent and Etterick Wynd (newly built in 1968)!
Ann Clarkin My step father was Terry Connolly and we lived at 41 Rosebank Ave, 9 Rosebank Ave was let out to couples starting there married life after my granny Connolly died we moved into no 9 the village was a great place to grow up
Cathy Dunn I was born in 4 Ulva place and grew up there till I was 10 happy days playing all over the Village
Margaret Chalmers My Mum stayed in 2 Ulva Place consisting of my Gran Grampa and 13 of a family. Paterson is their name. Happy memories
Marjory Warren Me and my family lived in Farm Road


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  1. Hello Robert I wonder if you are any relation to Sandy Wright who was in my class at school? I was fond of him, he was kind and intelligent, and “out of my league”, i think his father a professional person while mine was just a soldier returned from war and semi skilled labourer. When I think of these differentiations now, I’m amazed at the narrowness and arogance of the class system, we all bought into.

  2. linda Mackie avatar

    Hello, Carol, my paternal grand father also lived at 1 Ulva Place in 1919 after being in the Cameron Highlanders during WW1. Our story is that he abandoned my grandmother whom he married in 1919 who then abandoned their son, my father, leaving him with a neighbour in 1927, and fled to Canada never to be seen again. I have always tried to find any trace of our family but only now beginning the search through Internet. I wonder if we are related? Linda m Mackie Marieskind (NZ)

  3. I stayed at 22rose bank avenue my father was robert wright my grand father stayed at no.16 theyhad andrew wright@ sons builders ltd blantyre

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